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Do you love Stargate Atlantis? Do you love the idea of quirky, gorgeous John Sheppard hooking up with sultry, beautiful Teyla? Do you long to read and/or write great fan-fiction stories about them? Do you want a place do discuss their relationship and post your own fan-fiction without getting jumped on or distracted by a bunch of people who actually see John with someone else? Then, you've found the community you've been looking for!

Basically, we think they're a great couple: whether in personality, in energy, in co-ordination as team-members, oh, and let's not forget what happened in 'Conversion' when John lost his inhibitions. Definitely mustn't forget that!

We're a small community, but hoping to grow with time and interest. We might be the bastard child of Atlantis het genre, but even bastard children have a right to life, love, laughter, fic, and pretty pics. So bring 'em on!

The only two rules I'm going to set in stone right here, right now are these:

1. You gotta like Sheppard and Teyla as a couple.
2. No flaming.
3. No Slash as secondary pairings.

This is all new and sparkly right now, so just siddown, post a pic or two, put up a comment, relax, jive, write more fic... You know the go.

And enjoy the fun, intensity, and beauty of Sheppard/Teyla.

Who are Sheppard and Teyla?