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Grace Under Pressure- Mini Review- Spoilers

Just a few random thoughts about Grace Under Pressure- plus a fic challenge

So....... For an episode with no Teyla and no ship, this wasn't all bad.

It was a disappointment that Teyla, Ronon nor Carson were not in this ep, but there were also some bright spots that made it worth seeing. The writers should really tell us 'why' when major characters are MIA for an entire ep. Teyla could have easily been on the mainland, but where the heck was Ronon?

Anyway- this was primarily a vehicle for David Hewlet and he - as always - did a terrific job. He seems to do the scared crazy person very well. I wonder if we should worry about that?

Elizabeth was useless as usual except when she managed to coax Radek into going with Sheppard. She seems to have a way of talking to the little doctor that gets him motivated. Maybe he's got a crush on her. *giggle*.

My biggest kudos here were for John. It was fantastic to see him as the "I'm going to be the 'go-to guy' with the plan". He's far more intelligent that he ever lets on and did a terrific job with the rescue of Rodney.

Loved the big sea creature and wished we could have seen more- I know of course that those kinds of shots cost money and they probably couldn't justify spending it on a whale. But it does bring up an interesting thought that I've always wondered about. What is the marine life like in the ocean around Atlantis? It would be cool to get little tid bits about it even if they were just in passing during an episode. As my son pointed out- something as big as the creature we saw must feed on massive amounts of something, so what exactly does the big guy eat?

While not as good as last week's very enjoyable Critical Mass, Grace Under Pressure had it moments.

Next week - The Tower- aka, John becomes a man-bimbo.

Thoughts? Comments? And a challenge- Flash Fic. Where were Teyla, Ronon and Carson? Bonus points if you can come up with a shippy J/T reason for them being absent!
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